What Can We Do For The Exam Stressed
  • Other evaluation possibilities, recognised by the school
    • Formative assessment: http://www.oecd.org/dataoecd/19/31/35661078.pdf
    • Use peer and self-assessment, help students to use it and get to know it
    • Use varied approaches to assessing student understanding, e.g. oral, written, video etc.
    • Establish learning goals and tracking of individual student progress towards these goals
    • Establish classroom culture that encourages interaction and the use of assessment tools
    • Feedback on performance gives students the chance to learn from their mistakes/failures
    • Use varied instruction to meet diverse student needs
  • Exams
    • Hold short group seminars on exam anxiety
    • Let students take the exams alone in a separate room
    • Allow students with exam anxiety longer to finish each exam

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