Learning Groups

Learning groups

Organised in the curriculum for all first year students:

  • First level support: learning groups
  • Part of curriculum => compulsory group trainings
  • For every first year student
  • Group sessions (15-20 students per group)
  • Teacher = personal coach
  • Target and aims?
  • Improve study skills
  • Increase motivation
  • Problem solving

The teacher is now more like a coach whom the students can ask for help when they experience problems. He will help them so that they can improve their problem solving skills by making them aware that a problem doesn’t get fixed by itself.

Sense of belonging to a group : Group bounding

Student Guidance Center

Overview of goals of the programme

3 goals:

  • Teach students to deal with their own diversity
  • Improve study success of all students: keep diversity
  • Teach students to deal with diversity of future pupils (in their profession as a teacher)

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