Immigrants - Language Problems
  • The more the student interacts with the others who master the language of instruction, the more he/she learns.
  • Work on the class climate and use inclusive teaching methods. This way you can create a friendly and trustful atmosphere which enables students with language barriers to get to know the other students and find friends within the group – despite problems with the language.
  • It is important to include the students who have language barriers into the learning process and find out where their academic and social strengths lie.
  • Activate all students as language teachers. Make it clear that they are the best language teachers because they have much more in common with the new student than the teacher.
  • Create a pair tutoring system where students give the student with language problems language lessons several times a week. This could even be something that they get points for if done in a responsible and friendly way.
  • Language and subject teachers should co-operate so that language teachers can prepare the student for upcoming lessons. This way he/she will have a better opportunity to follow the lesson and be active.
  • See a full article about understanding the educational needs of minority ethnic pupils in mainly white schools:

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