Economic Reasons

Employment during high school is a reality for some students who need to care for family members. Economic needs can compete with pursuing education after dropping out. (BYTF 2006).

Often the family is in a very poor financial situation and in order to help the family financially is another reason why teens drop out of school. Students in this case are forced to obtain employment to financially help the family, and in some cases the financial strain can be due to an unplanned pregnancy and/or parental disabilities.

What can be done?

  • Co-operation with the social service of the municipality
  • Student councilors can help students apply for financial grants
  • Schools can organise funds for low income students
  • Minimise costs for school books and material. The school and teachers can try to offer as much material as possible electronically.
  • Opening hours of the school library should be flexible so that students can access resources after working hours

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