Drug Drinking Problems
  • Students who drop out are found to use drugs more often and have more deviant friends (Cairnes et al, 89; Rumberger, 83). Association with deviant friends by early adolescence makes an added contribution to the process of school disengagement, above and beyond disruptiveness, school difficulties, parental practices and unpopularity/friendlessness. Such a contribution might operate through direct modelling effects (i.e. some deviant friends are drop outs) or through the increased involvement in drugs or delinquent behaviour incompatible with school work (http://www.andrews.edu/~rbailey/Chapter%2013/5493404.pdf)
  • Drugs and alcohol abuse is within the top 3 reasons students fail to complete their high school education.
  • If a teacher observes drug or drinking problems within his/her student group:
    • Keep an open mind towards the student rather than judging
    • Show interest and willingness to help
    • Give advice about counseling or rehabilitation
    • Activate a support group for students who are recovering or trying to quit
    • Recommend meeting with prevention councilor who should be available for students during school hours

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